Plug-In Generator tutorial requires includes the generator doesn't create

Pretty simple, the “Generating a plug-in with project generator” tutorial by Steinberg uses the function “getChannelBuffersPointer” from public.sdk/source/vst/vstaudioprocessoralgo , however that isn’t automatically included by the project generator so someone following the tutorial has to figure it out themselves.
Additionally, it references a variable called “sampleFramesSize” which in the tutorial is never created, the AGain example included in the SDK does declare and initialise it as
uint32 sampleFramesSize = getSampleFramesSizeInBytes(processSetup, data.numSamples);
getSampleFramesSizeInBytes also being from vstaudioprocessoralgo.
Fixing this by either having the project generator automatically include vstaudioprocessoralgo or showing it in the tutorial and adding the declaration/initialisation of sampleFramesSize to the actual tutorial would make it easier to follow.

I think the include is part of the tutorial (Add the process applying the gain: Generate a plug-in with Project Generator - VST - Steinberg Developer Help).

Somehow managed to not see that while reading through it, my bad.
The sampleFramesSize one still stands though.

Yes thanks , I will add it.