Plug-in Information - latencies are '0' mostly?

With my MR816 I’m lucky that I can track in realtime at 64 buffers with about 2 Ms latency.

Whilst tracking in realtime at 64 buffers, I added several Waves ‘Channel G strips’ and ‘trueverb’ on about 6 of the track channels allowing me to monitor through Cubase with those great plugins. In doing so, I checked the VST Plug-In Information window which reports a latency of just “1” per instance of those Waves plugins? Can someone tell me, does this “1” mean 1ms added latency? I’m lucky that the ‘delay’ in the cans for vocalists is negligible. And I’m really happy that no delay can be heard but why is this figure of “1” so low?

I’m hearing a lot that the UAD2 PCIe cards add significant latency when tracking in realtime with added plugins like this but that the latency that card adds is a lot more than “1”?

Hope to hear back thanks

It means 1 sample

Because it is probably programmed to have a low processing delay, so it can be used while tracking - why shouldn´t it…?

Higher plguin delay = higher latency obviously - or what exactly is the question…?

Ye I am really saying I believe the UAD plugins add vastly more latency. Hence not as good for tracking.

I had also heard that the latency figures in the cubase plugin information were totally incorrect and not ‘0’ when it says it is?

it’s only accurate if the plug-in reports it’s latency accurately.

Only some UAD plugins add “vastly” more latency. Quite a few upsample to process the audio.

Yes but in upsampling, it is adding latency right there is it now? Or at least it is according to UAUDIO