plug in issue

Running WL7 7.2.1 in 32bit mode on snow leopard.
Plugins like Ozone 5 and Voxengo elephant ara no more useable.
WL not displays ozone completely and elephant controls is locked… :frowning:

Someone have the same issues?

For Ozone, this is a problem acknoledged on their side. Maybe they have an update by now?

For Voxengo Elephant, no problem (using the latest version on their site). Actually, this works better in 7.2.1 than in past versions.


I’m running WL7 7.2.1 in 32bit mode on lion.
Wavelab 7.2.1 Plugins wouldn’t load. Finally got it to work. This is what I found out. Go to Options-VST Plugin Settings then check to see if your plugins are listed in the “Do not load the following plugins:” list. If your plugins appear in that box, erase them, then click on “Force plug-in detection at next launch” button, click OK, then restart WL. That’s what was keeping my Waves Diamond Bundle from loading.