Plug-in list over-view sort by "Inside Letter"

We can sort our plug-in by Vendor, by Category and the wonderful plug-in manager.

I have a long list of plug-in Vendor and when i am looking to insert a plug-in from that “insert Vendor list” it could be great to have the possibility to sort them “inside letter”.

My english is not that great so it’s easier with an exemple, i mean they are already list alphabetically.
But for exemple in “S” we have Steinberg / Softube / SoundToys. So instead having a long list of about 50 to 100 of all vendor company if we could find them inside letter (26).

Something like this picture i took from Windows…

Something like this :

Nice idea. Two thing (that you are probably aware of though)

  • You can just search text that you enter in the box at the top
  • You can make your own plugin structure exactly like above, it takes some time but once it is done it is done. You would then just add new stuff to it.

If you are not sure how to make your own plugin list, my video here may help, although not in Alphabetical list like you want, the principle and a few other things are explained:

Yes Plug-in Manger is great, i’m using it a lot, i can’t do without it :wink:

If people don’t know it they should take time to make their own list and most of all don’t forget to save their “PluginManager.xml”

Search is great to !

Plug-in sorting just need this feature to be close to perfect :sunglasses:

I agree! It was an awesome feature added and one I use a lot.
(I have 5 custom plugin lists for FX that I swap between to easily find what I’m looking for.)

Yes me too i have plenty of plug-in organize in the Plug-in manager, 9 FX custom list with sub-folder inside them and 7 custom list for the vsti.

But we always have a plug that we use some time to time, don’t want to put in the manager plug that I use occasionally, some crazy new deal bundle that brings new tool to try, there is few others reasons we are still using the list by vendor and this list could be a little bit improve with this feature :wink: