Plug In Manager Re-Scan Crashes Everytime 32 Bit Plugins

I recently updated to Cubase 8 Pro to version " 8.0.30 Build 536 ". After doing so none of my 32 bit plugins would show up. Every time I add a folder into the “Plug In Manager” and hit “Re-Scan All” it crashes. And when it crashes every 64Bit folder that I’ve added has to be re added. Basically it deletes everything but the default folders. I’ve been using the system with no problems like this at all until I updated to this version of Cubase. I’m total lost here. I’ve tried adding just one 32 Bit instrument to see if it was just one corrupt dll. file but literally every 32 bit I try crashes now. I’m in a mess because several of my projects that I’m working on have a few 32 bit sounds like B4II that I like and now can’t get them to load. Please advise.