Plug-in Manager refresh causes force quits Cubase 8


Like I said in the title, when I am trying to re-fresh the plugin list, Cubase crashes with the long log notes. I am using Mac OSX 10.9.5 Mavericks. Yesterday I’ve installed drumagog 5 and Cubase did not see the plug in so i refreshed the vsts list in the plug-in manager but it didn’t see the plugin. I reinstalled drumagog, licensed it and refreshed the vsts list and it worked for the second time.

Today I bought TB ReelBus from ToneBoosters and I dragged vst plug-in to the shared VST/VST3 folders on my Mac, (because there’s no other way to install the plug-in) and when I am pressing (rescan) in the plug-in manager cubase crashes. I have never experienced something like this while refreshing the plug in list.

I would be thankful for your help

Take care!