Where do I find the file that contains my p;lug-in paths.

I’m trying to open up Nuendo 64 bit after a long lull and my plug-in paths are not right which makes it impossible to open the program.

I would like to replace or erase that file where my plug-in paths are saved…

That’s odd.
I do not know about the VST3 plugs (this is presumably hard-wired) but the VST2 paths can be edited very easily.
One thing to possibly look out for is having N5 x64 pointing to 32 and 64-bit paths where there are different versions of the same plugin as this can be difficult. I wonder if this is what has happened?

I’ve been told by some that the way my machine is set up is not necessary, but my DAW builder assuers me it is needful. There are 2 separate locations I use for 3rd party 32-bit plugins.
1 - 32_Shared - this is where all 32-bit plugs that also have a 64-bit version installed get put.
Folder scanned only by the 32-bit hosts and not the 64-bit ones.
2 - 32 - this is where plugins go that only have 32-bit versions
Folder scanned by both 32 and 64-bit hosts.

Paths are set in the Devices>Plugin Information window, and can be done without loading a project.

Hope this helps.