Plug-in tells how much time into the song the cursor is?

Hi - Sometimes I sit in my car with pencil/paper and write down the minutes and seconds of song time that I want to do certain things mixing wise. For example: "1min 14 sec … turn down vocals on word ‘aardkvark’ ". That sort of thing.

But of course back in Cubase the meters have time 0 at Bar 1, so if the song doesn’t start at bar 1 it is kind of a pain.

Does anyone know of a plug-in that does nothing but display time, but we can tell it what point of the project is “Time Zero”?

Thanks for any thoughts -

The way I do this is by setting the time code to zero at the start of my song (Project->Set Timecode At Cursor)

Then I open the large time display (Devices->Time Display) and set it to display “seconds”

Thanks OF!

Sorry for the late reply, I must have missed the notification, I was surprised to see there was an answer to my post.

Singing about aardvarks is risky… just sayin’ :wink:

Thanks for the tip OF! :sunglasses:

I know, but I needed something to rhyme with “car park”! :open_mouth: :smiley:

Haha, quality content here :smiley: