Plug-ins appear small

I am new to Cubase 7. All of my plug-ins load up correctly, however, some appear as small windows which have to be clicked on to open them up for editing. Whilst they are open in full edit mode the rest of Cubase is greyed out. The plugins acting this way are from BlueCat and Line6 POD Farm 2 (and POD Farm family).

Aloha G,

Sounds like some 32—>64 bit ‘bridging’ going on.

I get the same thing when using my 32 bit SampleTank plug.

Check with the BlueCat and Line6 folks to see if their
plugs are available for 64 bit OSes.

Also listing your hardware and software gear goes a long way with
other users helping you with your prob(s).


Many thanks, Curteye. I will pursue with the suppliers.

iMac Mid2010 Core i5 12GB OS 10.8.5

One thing I do see is that the VST menu shows three lines next to the POD Farm plug-ins. Is this indicative?

I believe that line scheme is more about
older VST versions vs newer VST versions.

One symbol is for VST 2 plugs and another for VST3
and maybe some older stuff etc etc.

I don’t believe the line scheme
has anything to do with 32 vs 64 bit.

Perhaps someone who knows will chime in.


I launched Cubase in 32-bit mode and now the plugins look OK. So, is this a bridging thing. Cubase information page describes the plugins as VST 2.4 (i386). However, LIne6 documentation indicates these are supposed to be 64-bit plugins. I have raised this on Line6 forum as well.

Please let us know if you find any current info on this issue there.


Having read a few posts I cam across a third-party bridging tool: JBridge, for which there is a Mac variant. So, I got a demo copy and ran it. Hey presto, all the affected plugins now load properly. I’ll have a play and see whether there are any downsides.

I’m passing the same problem here!
I used to launch omnisphere and everything was ok, but
I’m mac user, and didn’t know how my cubase it was running in 32bit or 64bit,
So I discovered that I was running in 32bit then I changed to 64bit, and some plugins it’s doing that.
I will try turn to 32bit.
But if the problem is it, how can I fix it ?

I believe Omnisphere is available for 64 bit, have you checked that you have the latest?

I basically just bit the bullet and got rid of all 32 bit everything.

If by chance I ever need to use an old plug-in (with bridge) and drag it back into the folder, my entire Cubase 7 slows right down. Just one instance of bridge, I can easily see how much effort it takes.

(reminds me of using PPC after getting Intel… will this ever end?)