Plug-ins don't show up abailable

I understand that trying to get help loading plug-ins not related to steinberg should probably not go in a steinberg forum but I’m going to try anyways.

I bought the new scarlett studio bundle that came with cubase le6, and the scarlett studio suite. I can’t get any of the scarlett suite plug ins to load in the cubase inserts options. (where all the halion plug-ins load automatically) I guess my question would be how can I get 3rd party plug-ins loaded into cubase when they arent loaded automatically? The scarlett suite plug in pack is definately installed on my computer, it just doesnt show up as an available plug-in in cubase. Any suggestions?

I’m having the same problem, I’ve just got the scarlett studio bundle and am getting really frustrated trying to figure out what Im not doing or doing wrong.
I 've installed the Cubase Le 6.0.7 update thinking that might do it, but it hasn’t.

I think its got something to do with having 64 bit Windows (maybe- but if so no idea how to fix it-)
I realise it was a month ago for you but did you find a solution?

Ok so this was obviously a newbie thing- and nothing to do with 64 bit OS or mismatched applications-
If any other newbies end up here-
Its to do with file paths- where windows puts the scarlet plugin files (and novation bass station) may be in a different directory (program files or program files (x86)) but confusingly named steinberg folder-
Anyway just add the correct file path in cubase ‘Plug-in paths’ information for it to find them. (I actually uninstalled them and reinstalled them in with the steinberg vst plugins so they’d all be together)

I’m glad I found the info and am on my way now- half the battle was grasping the language to search for the topic but if you do end up here I hope this is useful :slight_smile:

I too bought Scarlet Studio bundle, and I don’t see the Scarlet plugins or the VST instruments-which I was originally trying to find. “VST Instruments” isn’t visible in the “Devices” drop-down menu. 64-bit Windows 7 here.

Hi guys i need help, please pardon my ignorance but i’m stuck. I bought the scarlett studio bundle so i can record my daughter sing. I installed Cubase LE 7 and that seems fine, but how do i incorporate the Scarlett Plug-in Suite within Cubase on my mac book pro ? I’ve seen all the videos and nothing seems to guide us on how to launch and incorporate the plugins, they just show how they work. I’m sure I installed the plugin .dmg file cause it says “instal complete”, but then where do i go and how do i get it accessible in Cubase?? Please help !!


lggi, Leelameka posted the answer.

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