Plug-ins for Vocal Recording in MR816CSX


I have a pretty descent condensor microphone and I tried to record some vocals with it through MR816CSX. However, there are pops and Ess sounds in the recording.

I was wondering if I could insert some plug-ins to get a better result.
It seems I cannot use the compressor and reverb effect of MR. Thus, I use a bit of reverb as send effect and delay in my vocals that come with Cubase.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

There indeed are plugins that can help with this, but it is a much better solution to get it right at the source. There are plenty of materials on the web that demonstrate proper recording techniques, use of pop filters, mic positioning and such.

Why not? I use mine all the time. You have installed the latest Tools for MR, right? Hint: read the MR816 manual. Hint 2: in Cubase, Devices/Audio Hardware Setup. Hint 3: Where have you assigned the onboard FX to be active?

Not intending to be cryptic about it, just to prompt you to use your available info and think it thru. Once you understand, you’ll be a better engineer.

Thank you very much for the information and willingness to help. I guess I have read the relevant pages in manual for cubase and MR
Yes. I do have a pop filter.

But I thought there are some standard plugins that I could use.

I have MR set to External Effect with 6mono+ Rev-X. When I am create my own project, the channel morphing and Rev-X are disable. When I use a template, both rev-X and channel morning are available on MR816CSX In-1 through MR816CSX In-8 ( although I thought only up to MR816CSX In-6!!).

I do greatly appreciate it if you could clarify this.

  1. I usually create Reverb as send effect. Using MR, I cannot create a Effect track inside and assign Rev-X to that. It gives me an error that Rev-X is not available. I am have never used external effect. I am really new to external hardware effects.

  2. After I recorded, the sound is so faint, I need to normalize it to become audible? why is that?

  3. Before I record, I inserted a delay effect in the channel. When I was recording it, I was not hearing the delay. I was hearing my violin with lots of Rev-X reverb. However, when I played back the take I hear much less Reverb with the delay. I am using control room by the way with AFL mode activated.

I guess you are violinist. It would appreciate if you would share your violin recording with me:)

Thank you.