Plug ins from Cubase

Hi all.
I´m using Cubase Pro 8.05 together with Wavelab Elements 8.
Is there a way to import the new plugs as the new multiband comp into Wavelab E 8

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Something I’ve wanted to know. But shouldn’t you be able to point your vst plugins folder to cubase vst and scan in wave lab? I want to be able to do this with cubase 8.5 de esser to wav lab. its v useful on some things.

I did that, these folders:
/Library/Audio/VST XMLs/
and this one

but it dosent help ?

There is, according to the manual. Unfortunately it’s a lie! At least for us Mac users. As far as I can tell, the problem stems from how the plug-ins are organized on the different platforms. On Windows, the plug-ins are stored in “open” folders that anyone can access. On the Mac, on the other hand, all Steinberg plug-ins are kept in the “Package”, and can only be accessed with the application in question.

It would be an easy thing for Steinberg to give WLE the capability to peek into the Cubase package and access the plug-ins. But Steinberg doesn’t seem to be bothered with living up to what they claim in the manual. What’s a couple of Mac using customers. The fact that we’ve paid for the privilege of using them once, doesn’t seem to matter to $t€inb€rg.

Only if enough of use complain about being discriminated against, maybe they will do something about it!

Thanks for the update, didnt know this. I will sertenly contact Stenberg regarding this issue . / thanx

IIs it possible to use the vst´s from a pc and then put them in mac vst folder ?

Just a tought :slight_smile:


Yeh, I guest that :frowning: .
Just wrote a long letter to the Stenberg support about this issue.
Really hope that they take this seriously.
This is just to bad otherwise.
Wish me luck :slight_smile:
/all the best !

I sent a mail to Steinberg support about this issue a month ago,
still now reply ?
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