plug ins not working in new projects

I’ve already reached out to customer support (Ticket #260780).
Since my upgrade to 10.5 i’m having trouble with my preset-folder (color-scheme, logical editor etc). These issues have partly been solved.
I think the next issue might be related to this:
-A lot of plug-ins cannot be turned on in recent projects (for instance multiband compressor). I can select them but they cannot be turned on
(remain gray). Not possible to load a preset since the dropdown menu is empty.
-In older projects (probably all the ones that were created with previous versions of Cb) I can enable all these plugins. Multiband comp-preset
folder shows all the presets.

Very strange and annoying problem; could there be some sort of setting I need to change ? Pplease reach out if you think you know
something that might help

Got a reply yesterday from CS:
turns out the Constrain Delay Compensation was activated.
Somehow this got baked into my often used recording template; therefore it occured in practically all my new projects.

Of course I should have known better (though I really made an effort googling this issue) but it would be nice if Cubase could flag the reason why a plugin can’t be activated (instead of a stubborn gray color and empty preset-folder).

But now I’m a happy Cb-user again :wink: