Plugged in different audio interface, since then i have no sound

hello there,

i don’t know what happened, but i don’t have any sound anymore. 8 hours ago it still worked, now it doesn’t anymore. i checked if halion does not work, so i replaced it with other plugins, but all dont give a sound, so its not about halion.
also i played on the keys in the halion vst and looked on the mixer in dorico -> there was a signal, i just didnt hear it.
I think its because of some device thing. Cause earlier today, i plugged in my other interface with more channels to record, and since then, i guess, it didn’t work.
the settings atm are: generic low laten… 48 khz, and asus vs247 as my stereo output.
(i think maybe thats the wrong thing, because the asus thing is my screen. but i cannot select my interface, so idk.

yeah, please help.


Are both Dorico and your sound card (driver) set to 48K? A mismatch there can cause any one of a number of problems.

Also, please create a new project from piano template, and then do ‘Help > Create Diagnostics Report’ and attach the corresponding zip file here. Thanks.

Dorico (411.2 KB)

there you go ^^

i think its set to the right thing.
I also have every sound from other programs, i can hear fl studio, i can hear videogames and youtube and twitch.
its just dorico that isnt working

According to the logs, Dorico recognizes the following audio drivers:
2021-01-04 10:02:16 : =>ASIO4ALL v2;ASIO4ALL v2
2021-01-04 10:02:16 : =>FL Studio ASIO;FL Studio ASIO
2021-01-04 10:02:16 : =>Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver;Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver
2021-01-04 10:02:16 : =>UMC ASIO Driver;UMC ASIO Driver

And the current driver is the Generic Low Latency ASIO driver.
That driver can actually work with nearly any physical audio device and it is setup to use the ASUS device. But I guess you want to use the UMC, right?

So if you go in Dorico to Edit > Device Setup and click there on the down arrow for the ASIO Driver, is nothing else but the Generic driver listed? The UMC must be also there. Please confirm, thanks.

No,I don’t use the UMC, I just plugged it in to record something in FLStudio. Maybe I had dorico opened during that time, i don’t remember.
Now i just use a cheap one-channel behringer audio interface.
I can select 4 different drivers: generic low, asio4all, fl studio asio and umc asio.

Funny is: the FLStudio asio setting works , as i checked right now.
Does it matter which asio driver i use? Or just whatever works?

Do I get you right, with the FL driver you get sound out through the Behringer?

Well, if that works, fine, you can use it. But it also should work with the Generic Low Latency driver.

But if you are happy with the FL driver, then go for that.

yes, you got that right.

but the generic low driver doesn’ work! that’s the problem. I had no problems till yesterday. And i still have the same setting. Same interface, Same Programs, nothing new.
I don’t know why it doesn’t work anymore.

Okay, as I say, if you are happy with the FL driver, use that.
If you want the Generic Low Latency driver going, we could have a remote screen sharing session, where I could take a look.

If the FL driver is working but the GLL driver isn’t then that usually suggests that you need to change the Exclusive Mode settings, eg see here: Troubleshooting Playback Issues in Dorico | Support - YouTube

However, as Ulf says, if the FL driver works, then use that - the FL driver, GLL driver and Asio4All all do the same thing.