Im finding the reverbs in cubase 5 to hard and cold, does anyone have any tips for softening and warming them up,also can i get Lexicon pluggins for vst.

Use some EQ!

and Yes

Which EQ do i use and where do i apply it?

Whichever one you have, and obviously you apply it to the signal you think needs EQ because it sounds forexample “hard” and “cold”

So do i EQ the audio or the reverb, im new to this dude your leaving me guessing,how about some slight explanation how to do it.

You eq whatever you suspect is the problem!

Either the source sound or pre reverb or post reverb or if the reverb allows, within the reverb or a combination of all of them.

There is no definitive answer!

The slight explanation is: use EQ where you think EQ is needed. If you´re saying the reverb is the problem, but the source is ok, then EQing the source is probably not the best option, whereas EQing the reverb might get you the desired results. Obviously I can´t hear what you´re talking about, so I´m also only guessing.
Unfortunately for you, it will take a little bit of thinking yourself…