Plugin Alliance bug (occasional noise, DAW freeze etc.)

nice to have C9 (latest) running as intended after removing all VST3s from Plugin-Alliance.
I learned that this is a known issue going back to Cubase 8,5 at least.

Any news on the status of this?

I am so frustrated to have spent so much money for pro plugins / DAW to have such a bad behaviour. This is not about blaming someone, I am only interested in a possible solution.
Because those PA Plugins are great.


I use some of the brainworx plugins, mostly BX Console, in almost every project and don’t see this issue.

yes, there are news.

System -> Cubase 9.0.10 with Win10!

The new Lindell TE100 update works for me.

Brainworx Rooms causes dangerous noise and other effects
Yesterday I worked with the Brainworx Opto (VST2)
It causes a stuttering of the audio tracks.The complete project is is stuttering, not only the track with the Brainworx Opto. You must remove the plugin from the project and start the project again!
I am urgently waiting for a “Barainworx rooms” and “Brainworx Opto update” which fixes this problems.

And of course, legacy versions are not a permanent solution!!!

These problems also happen in the mixdown.

I am in persistent contact with the PA support
The problem must be resolved between Cubase and PA, it is overdue.
And the plugins are still sold without any warning!

@eli-lilly ->Which Cubase version, Windows ?, and which PA plugins are in use (which version-VST2 or VST3-legacy). This is really important. You were a lucky devil. And for me the first one who does not have these problems (Cubase 8.5/9 Win7-10)

I posted on the other thread regarding this issue as well, but disabling my network adapter seems to work for me. Win 7 x64, Cubase 9, with a lot of the newer PA plugs that were really crashing my system before disabling the network adapter (BAX EQ, HG2, digital_v3). YMMV.

Even if I work without network adapter (for a test), completely offline.
No chance to use the Brainworx Rooms or the Opto.
There are different PA plugins that immediately cause problems.

It affects almost all PA plugins, only the TE100 works for me without problems, and with a LAN stick.
The only way is to use old legacy versions as far as they are. Therefore I can not use the Brainworx Opto and Rooms.

And they still sell them, but they are trying to solve the problem, but it will take some time.


My only PA plugin is the Brainworks bx_megasingle. They sold it for 19 Euro some time ago. Since Cubase 8.5 it doesn’t work the way it suposed to. I doesn’t crash but if i use more than 2 instances in a mix at least one of them or even all of them don’t put out any audio anymore. i first have to switch the amp channel back and forth on each of them and then they put out audio again. When i close and reload the project i have to do this again…and again…and again. I got so annoyed i stopped using it. I don’t find it that good anyways.