Plugin-alliance in MacOS ventura

Hi everyone,

Is anyone using plugin-alliance plugins in macOS ventura successfully?
I know plugin alliance does not officially support ventura but that does not mean that they don’t work.
I have read mixed results from people using Logic Pro but can’t find any comments from people using cubase.
I would like to upgrade from macOS Monterey to ventura and macOS 14 is just around the corner.

Thanks for your comments.

I’ve pretty much replaced all the plugins I used from them, but they’ve worked fine in Ventura all the way back to the betas of it. Only one I still really use is the Townhouse but still, works just fine.

They all work great on my m1 with latest Ventura, never had a problem!

Wow thanks a lot for your comments, why didn’t I ask before!!
I’am going to upgrade tomorrow, I don’t own a lot of their plugins but I like the ssl 9000j, the purple audio MC77, blacbox HG-2, the townhouse buss compressor and a couple more.

Thanks again!’

The MC77, BlackBox and the Townhouse are the only ones I even have installed anymore, and all three are good in Ventura. I think I have the SSL’s installed still in case I open an old project (and will replace them when I do), but haven’t really opened those. Id imagine they’re the same as the rest.

They’re always a bit slow with the compatibility updates, but I always update my Mac day 1 (and have run the public betas for the last three) and I can’t recall a time they ever stopped working because of it.

All working fine here.

Out of curiosity, why are you replacing Plugin Alliance products?

Because I have other things I like better now?

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Great!! thanks for sharing!!
I was too conservative about upgrading the OS but being my first mac computer and reading horror stories about macos upgrades breaking plugins and apps…
I’m upgrading right now and hopefully in 4 months everything stays stable with the release of sonoma.

I am a little off topic but can someone please send me the installer for SPL deverb plus downloaded from PA installation manager? The archive file under my account is corrupted and I don’t want to install pa installation manager because I try to keep the Mac as clean as possible. Thank you all in advance