Plugin automation saved to open in another DAW

Hi everyone.
Would it be possible to save the data in the automations lanes in a MIDI so i could open in another DAW to transfer all the automation work done ?
I Know it would be possible in AAF , correct?
The problem is that the other DAW is Ableton and it does not read AAF files :frowning:


I think i did something that might work, copying data from (Waves auto tune) :
speed to midi cc 85
scale to midi cc 86
scalet type to midi cc 87

Volume , pan and mute are just “dummy” midi automations to be loaded into Ableton.
Is a bit of a hackery and time consuming but is worth it in the end.
Then just load the plugin in Ableton, create the proper automation lanes and apply the automation in the dummy Midi file.

In Ableton the midi contains this: