Plugin Button as Keycommand

Hello everyone,

Because I am missing a NUAGE related Forum I am just gonna ask this here.

I want to have one button of a plugin which is in all my Projects on one of the user assignable keys (or even better in a macro, which I could the fire from the user assignable keys). How can I do that?

The exact problem:
I have a TC Clarity M in my main out to measure Loudness. I want the Reset Button easily in range whenever I need it, without having the plugin open all the time and without reaching all the way over the meterbridge to hit the button on the clarity itself.

Is it even possible to have a button of one of the channels plugins on a keycommand? That is basicly what I need (to include it in a macro).

Just realized, that it has actually nothing to do with NUAGEā€¦