plugin by double clicking fx send gone???

once upon a time I could double click the send volume on sends and this would open up a window showing the plugin connected, now this doesnt happen?

what is a quick way to access the plugin?

cheers :wink:

Yes, I notice this doesn’t seem to work. However, I would say that I’d rather be taken to the FX channel than the actual (1st) plugin, cause quite often I’d have more than one single effects plugin, or I might want to adjust the channel EQ say.


This is still possible, double clicking with Alt.

do you know what im sure i tried that and didnt work???

thank you Steve :sunglasses:

Hmm, I thought I tried some combos too yesterday. In fact, I find the reason it doesn’t appear is because my plugin isn’t in the first slot. So, we find that double clicking only displays the plugin in the first slot. This function is a little bit lacking in usefulness right now… It really should display all plugins and/or the editor for the FX channel.

However, for me, using Alt doesn’t work, it does something different, it changes the dB level to an arbitrary value, and is the same as Alt single click. As does Shift, with double or single. Ctrl-Click double or single sets the dB to zero.