PlugIn Bypass

Nuendo 7 problem.
If you bypass PlugIns, they are still active somehow.
Only removing them clears the chain.
Is this a bug?
Any help or workaround?
If there is more information need to solve the problem, please feel free to ask.

A great day to everyone, Konrad

What do you mean by “active somehow”?

We use a PreMix and a Mix group containing the same plugins. This enables us to decide quick the best way of pre or final mastering. The group containes for example the MD5 (powercore). This plug in does something even if it’s bypassed. There is some compression on the group. It is not the same as if it is switched on, but it is totaly different, if the plugin is removed. Bypass is not working as it should.

To turn a plugin off/ bypass completely hold ‘Alt’ when turning it off/ bypass.

Thank you, Robin! But what do I need a bypass for if it is not a real bypass?
What is the rule for half a bypass? Is there one?
Thanks again!

And when you’re bypassing, are you using the “bypass” button in the upper left corner of the plug-in window, the one that is the same for all plugins, or are you using the one in the plugin interface itself which is dependent on the manufacturer?

I have to ask, because on my machine bypass does bypass. I hear no processing with a plugin bypassed. I also hear no difference when I toggle on/off with the plugin bypassed.

The problem is there by using the generell chanal bypass. I’ll check if it is the same with the independent PlugIn Bypass.
And no, we have e differenz, if we remove the PlugIns. I will also check the ALT - switch off.

VST3 plug-ins require that the developers implement plug-in bypass. Some developers do not do this correctly so using bypass will not triggering a bypass action or not properly bypass. You should report this to the plug-in developers to get fixed.

Using alt+click is disabling the plug-in (turning it off) rather than bypassing (this results in the engine doing a plug-in delay compensation re-calculation).

Got it!
Now we getting problems and need workarounds because of TC-electronics does not support the Powercore anymore.
Everyone Thank you for your help!

Yes, I can see that behavior happening with Izotope RX4 denoise as well. I can bypass the chain of inserted VST plugins on the channel, yet that baby is still active, even when returning to the project at later time.
Another little issue to always remember :laughing:

I have been finding this problem increasing with more and more plugs. You can see the original thread concerning Melodyne & RX4 here.

I just tried your “Hold Alt” suggestion on a PC and it didn’t work. Maybe I’m misunderstanding the process. I loaded Melodyne, RX4 Denoiser and a Classic Compressor. Then I hit the bypass button. As expected, the DeNoiser & Compressor went dark. But the Melodyne stayed active. Next, I held down the Alt button while I selected the bypass button, expecting that all 3 would now go dark. Instead I got the same results (2 dark & Melodyne Lit). Did I miss something? Or is this a Mac specific work-around?

At present, for a PC anyway, the only work-around for plugs that will not engage with the bypass button, is to leave them open so that you can acess the on/off switch located IN the plugin itself.
Melodyne Open Active.jpg
Melodyne Open Deactivated.jpg

I didn’t have any problem getting any of my Izotope RX4 plugs to bypass. So, I’m not sure if that problem is also Mac specific? Can anyone comment on this?

Just something to keep in mind here with regards to bypass behavior and it not being remembered:

This behavior is completely non-intuitive, and I actually delivered two mixes to a network, one with iZotope Dialog Denoiser off and one with it on. This happened because the bypass didn’t “take” on restart of the computer. In other words I left it off during my first mix and then during the second I assumed it was off because that’s how the project was saved, only to later (after delivery) see that it had been activated. Fortunately for me it was set delicately enough that the difference in sound was low enough so as to not cause the mix to come back to bite me.

So if anyone thinks this is a “minor issue”, it’s @#$%ng not.

And this is exactly why “candy” development by manufacturers should always be second to solid functionality.

This was in Nuendo 6.0.2, and it’s super-annoying to hear the issue persists.