"Plugin cannot run because it is corrupted." error before hard crash

I started getting these errors only on large projects with many tracks, plugins, variaudio edits, etc. The plugin is always a random installed plugin and not always one I’m even using in the project. Ten seconds or so after the popup Cubase 12 flash crashes with no recourse. Reinstalling the plugin changes nothing.

I haven’t been able to nail down a specific crash scenario other than large complex projects. CPU usage seems to be unrelated and it happens at random rather than during specific tasks.

Has anyone run into this issue or seen this error popup?

Intel PC, Win 11, RME UFX III


Screenshot 2023-10-16 145149
Screenshot 2023-10-18 171526
Screenshot 2023-10-18 191107


This is an Authorization Error. Are these products using iLok?

It definitely looks like it’s out of Cubase. I would get in contact with the plug-in vendor support.

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Hi @daveotero , I am having the exact same problem and have completely wiped system and reinstalled, contacted Slate(main plugin offender and Ilok) but no resolution. Did you manage to solve it? I am losing my mind. I’m on Cubase 13, have had problem on windows 10 & 11. Cheers. Andrew