Plugin Delay Compensation 2022

As I understand it, some plugins, by their very nature (i.e. limiters) introduce latency into the signal chain. They report this latency figure (in ms) to the DAW host, and the DAW compensates for this, by ‘delaying’ all other tracks to match, keeping everything in sync.

Except… Cubasis doesn’t, right? I can’t add a limiter to my drum bus without the drums becoming out of sync with the rest of the track!?

I see there’s a few topics here, dating back years(!) on PDC, but are we really still in the same position today, with such a comprehensive and fully featured DAW as Cubasis, not having this basic feature?

(I really hope I’m missing something here, it’s quite a ‘dealbreaker’ if not…!)

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Is this latency also applied when exporting to audio?
If it doesnt… freezing the track might solve it. (?)

Thanks for the suggestion but it’s the drum bus (group track) I’m working on - consisting of separate hi-hats, snare and kick tracks combined (each with individual effects themselves) It’s therefore not possible to freeze a group (bus) as it’s the output from multiple sources.

Even if such a thing were possible, I’m also only a few bars into the composition - still building up the percussion and track - nowhere near ready to commit anything to audio just yet.

Yh it would take you to build with effects off and freeze it with effects on when working on other instruments… and reverse when re editting the channel.

But i dont know, i dont group tracks… so no clue how that works when freezing.