Plugin Disable feature request

Hi there. As far as I can tell this isn’t possible currently but I would really like it to be.

I would like to be able to disable audio plugins. And by that I mean turn it off so there is no load on the CPU but all settings are retained as opposed to just bypassing which keep the plugin processing incase you un bypass it. Protools does this and it can be handy.

My current use case is working with DXD files, which of course is CPU intensive off the bat, and trying to do some denoising and mastering. I would like to run spectral Denoise but it takes basically everything my machine has to do it. So running only plugins is basically impossible. It would be great if I could work on my denoising setup, then disable and dial in other plugins. Then reenable for rendering which is fine to let it do it’s thing with everything on.

Just a thought!

You actually can do that already. You just have to Right-Mouse-Click on a plugin and check/uncheck “Active”. You can also click on the little “Power” symbol in the top bar of the plugin window.

This works for all global plugins in the Master Section, and - I think since Wavelab 11 - this is also possible in a Montage for each Clip- / Track- / Group- and Output-Effect.

The name of an inactive plugin is grayed-out, so you do have a visual indicator. Although another clickable symbol directly in the plugin list would be very nice, for even quicker access and possibly more obvious indication (just like the one for Bypass).

Very cool!

However, far as I can tell that is only in the Master section and not available for Clip/Track/Montage effects. Which is where I would like it to be available.

But seeing as to how it is already available in part of the app, hopefully that would be something that could be fairly straight forward in implementing in the future.

Or maybe its a feature in 11.2 as Im on 11.1 right now.

That might be so, as I have the latest update 11.2.0.

I will update over the weekend and report back!

I can confirm that 11.2 does this in all plugin settings.