Plugin editor live

I am using VST Live as my keyboard rig. Each song has different plugins - sometimes even layers and splits.

Each plugin has real-time editors that can adjust a sound during a performance. IE a synth and adjust filter - a B3 and adjust draw bars - etc.

Two questions -

  1. can I have the plugin editor pop up and be an open window when I select a song without having to click on the little keyboard? Say the top plugin in a list if there is a layer?

  2. Can it be saved per song so that when I switch from song to song the editor for that plugin pops up? Similar to if I lock Notes to display. Each song selected has the top plugin open by default to see and work with live?

Not sure if this is a support question because there already is a way to do it or a feature request?


open the editor of your Plug-In and activate the “Open Editor on Activation” control (upper right corner). Then the Plug-In editor will be opened when the Layer, Stack, Module or Song will be activated.

See you,

You are awesome - thanks so much !!