Plugin GUI issues in 10.0.30

Anyone else having issues with plugin GUIs not loading properly or disappearing in 10.0.3? (see screenshot below)

…yes, i do - with softube and leapwing-plugins.

I’m good here but I’m running Ozone 9 - but apparently not the way you are running things. For example, your multi plugins are listed in a window with a single header. My plugins are listed in the Master bus window vertically. How are you doing this? Haha, I seriously have no idea how you are able to do this. Can you walk me through your set up?

Too, I have been looking at your other post, in particular the one regarding external efx? I have a 16X16 interface and I can run external devices and plugins without the start gap or stop in the recording like you were experiencing, and without the GUI hesitation. But again, I am doing things differently, with the plugins in the Master bus window in series with my outboard gear (a stereo tube comp). And yes, I see you are running your external gear in between your plugins.

Have you compared VST2 vs. VST3 versions of the plugin? Some plugins also allow to enable or disable OpenGL.

These are the first things I check when running into a plugin issue.


I have the same issue! It is very very annoying. I cant actually work.
The same issue is present in Cubase 10.5 for me.
Also I cant add a support ticket, since the code that Steinberg generated for me contains a “0” witch is the ONLY caracter I can not add to the secret code field…

Please, can anyone help me?


What OSX version?

High Sierra

High Sierra

I have seen several similar reports, they all have in common High Sierra aka OSX 10.13.6

I recommend you to update to a later OSX version.


Yes High Sierra here as well. Unfortunately we can’t update to Mojave due to other software thats not compatible yet. Is it possible to downgrade back to 10.0.20 so we can continue to use 10 and not have the GUI issues?

Yes, you can remove WaveLab 10.0.30 and install an earlier version, and you could even have both versions installed, if renamed differently.

I confirm I have the same issue in High Sierra

Hey PG, instead of rolling back to 10.0.20 is there any chance to fix this at the next update?
I cannot install Mojave in my mac and I wouldn’t like to stuck on 10.0.20
Take a look if it’s possible please.

is there any chance to fix this at the next update?

Too soon to know.

How can I do this?
I tried today to install the 10.0.20 update on top of the 10.0.30 but anything changed. It still shows the 10.0.30


Ok, I renamed the app to w10.0.30 and I did a full installation and update to 10.0.20 so I have both versions.

Hi PG, I would really appreciate if you find the way to correct this glitch and stay faithful at Wavelab 10 system requirements.