Plugin HALion Sonic not Found! Please reinstall it... error

So I decided to migrate from Ableton back to Cubase… just got my copy of Cubase 6, installed the DAW and both Halion Sonic trial discs, activated Cubase 6 and Halion Sonic (purchased the full version) but when I tried running HALion Sonic as standalone, I got the “Plugin HALion Sonic not Found! Please reinstall it…” error.

My system: OSX 10.6.6, MacBook Pro 8GB RAM Nvidia

Halion Sonic (both SE and full) does work as VST plugins from within the Cubase 6 app.

Version summary:
running halion sonic standalone gives the Plugin HALion Sonic not Found! Please reinstall it… error. In the background the splash screen says “Initializing: Open Audio Engine”. Version - 2.1.2 Build 830

running halion sonic vst works fine. v4.0.3.223 (Dec 10 2010) [32 bit] v1.5.0

running halion sonic se vst works fine. v4.0.3.219 (Dec 3 2010) [32 bit] v1.5.0 Cubase Version
Screen shot 2011-03-09 at 12.20.44 AM.png
plugin manager (from within Cubase 6):

  • halion sonic version and vst 2.4
  • halion sonic SE version 1.5.0 and vst 3.5.0
    Screen shot 2011-03-09 at 12.17.43 AM.png
    I’ve searched the forums + web for the “HALion Sonic not Found!” error and saw a couple of posts but they seemed to point to the fact it had something to do with AMD. My macbook pro is definitely intel with Nvidia. It’s not the new sandybridge model, but the one prior to it (Apple seems to always release newer models after my purchases)

Any ideas on what to do? How do I fix the error and launch Halion as standalone?

  • I’ve reinstalled Halion Sonic and same issue. I did not uninstall and reinstall, just installed again (got the option menu to upgrade I think)… no issues with installation.
  • Everything installed into default folder locations.
  • I also receive the error while launching standalone when I boot in both 32bit and 64bit (while holding 6+4 during boot) modes.

the only potential fix I can think of is to completely uninstall and reinstall, but I am afraid that I’ll run into the same issue since my installation went just fine and I can’t think of a root cause… hmm… ok, not true… perhaps it had something to do with the timing of activation and installation. I think I had Cubase 6 (no projects open… just reading up on documentation and such… yes I read manuals :blush: ) running while I was installing Halion Sonic trial and activating.

Before I completely uninstall and reinstall and hopefully not make things any worse, wanted to see if others have run into something similar.
Screen shot 2011-03-09 at 12.26.51 AM.png

Ok, I completely uninstalled and reinstalled everything (Halion Sonic and Cubase) and still have the same problem. When uninstalling I did follow the instructions on this forum to ensure everything from Sonic was removed.

can’t launch Halion Sonic 1.5 as standalone. :frowning: I have the license and everything.

…the only other alternative I can think of now is moving my production to ipad2’s garageband app… :open_mouth:

Your problem seems to be that the HALion Sonic vst3 component can’t be found. The plugin manager screenshot proves that only the VST2 is loaded and thus probably the standalone version won’t work at all.