plugin-information panel in Cubase 8/8.5

in Cubase 8/8.5 we have Plug in Manager & Plug in Information

IN the past in plug in Information you were able to turn off Asio guard for specific plug ins

Now there isn’t even a tab for VST plug in like win Cubase 7.5

And in Plugin manager there is no way to see if a plug in is asio guard compatible or a way to turn the ASIO guard effect off if need be .

Was this ability removed in 8/8.5 on purpose
is there a check box somewhere to activate this feature again?



Yeah, this really really needs to go back into the tabular form that it had originally in the Plug-in Information window - please Steinberg. And there’s plenty of room for it all :slight_smile:

What you now need to do is show the ‘Plugin-in Information’ panel at the bottom - by clicking on the ‘i’ icon bottom left. Then when you select a plugin and you will see more info including the ASIO-Guard setting.


Thanks Mike that exactly the answer i was looking for

Y’know, someone told me that just the other day on another thread - what a useful forum this really is :slight_smile: