Plugin insert search not the same on Mac/PC (possible bug)

Hey There,

So there’s something really annoying on the windows side of Nuendo, compared to my cubase (8) license I use on the mac:
On the Mac, when I type “flux” I see all the flux plugins
On Widnows, when I type flux I see a lot of empty folders, but no plugins. (because the search does not search on vendor so it seems)

Same with Slate,
On Mac when I type “slate” I see both vst2 and vst3 versions
On windows I see only the vst2 version and the VST3 versions I need to search on specific names. “Virtual” for instance or vbc.

Really annoying, I want to be able to search on vendor because those single words are much faster to type… Why can’t the pc version be the same as the mac?
Maybe I’ve got some preference wrong?