Plugin install question?

I think that changing a music computer is as stressful as moving house - ish.
I have a few questions.
I am running a new i7 3.2 x 6cores 12 gig memory.

Installing the plugins seems fraught with problems.
I am assuming that Program Files (x86) is for 32 bit plugins and Program Files is for 64 bit.
I have made sure that the plugin database has paths to both folders.
However when I try to add a vsti in Cubase, in this case Dimension Pro, it does not appear.

Perhaps I am very stupid but the differences in operation in windows 7 are confusing to someone comfortable with XP and C5.
Thanks in advance for any light you can shine in the gloom!

I have now got it Dimension Pro to appear.
However no GUI.
Does this mean that the vst bridge does not work for this plugin.
Will I have to use J Bridge?

The program files folder is indeed for 64bit programs, but make sure the data path & directory for Dimension pro is (x86) as I think its not native 64bit, its a 32 bit program, but the default install path is C:Program files/Cakewalk…which is wrong on a 64 bit system, install the data & programs & multisamples for Dimension pro into C/Program Files(x86)cakewalk…you might have the vst dlls in the right place,but not the actual program files. (hope thats clear. :smiley: )

Dimension, Rapture etc are very fernickity with their folder Hierarchy.

I’m also using 64-bit and I had to go to Jbridge in order to get my favorite VST’s to work. I’m thankful that there was at least a solution available. I think it is great that this guy was able to make JBridge and able to make it work so well… However, I hate to say it but this is Steinberg’s own creation and yet we have to look to a third party for a fix? :unamused:
I do want to make it clear that I like Steinberg and Cubase 6 and I’ve been using Cubase since SX 2. I just thought that Cubase 6 was going to be off to a better start with the 64 bit support. However, I have not fully tested it out yet due to time constraints but will once I get these products playing well in Cubase 6.02.