Plugin Installed but VST Directory Empty

This may be a silly question but I am having a difficult time attempting to locate a plug-in that I just installed. It came with an installer and so that is what I used to install it.

But since it is a 32-bit version, I acquired the JBridge application for mac so I could port the plug-in to 64-bit.

The problem is JBridge requires that I locate the VST. Cubase Plugin-manager shows the Plugin as installed and says that the location is /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST but when I go to that directory either under my user profile or globally, there is nothing in the directory.

I don’t know how Cubase is loading the VST from an empty directory.

Pointers anyone???


On Mac, it’s clear. There is only one folder for the VST plug-ins (not like on Windows, where every developer can define its own folder). All plug-ins should be at the folder (the system/global one), you described. Could be, some plug-it’s are in the VST3 folder. What is the size of the folder?


yes I know they should all be in that folder or I would have imagined at least the ones that the plug-in manager shows as having that location; but the folder is actually showing as zero bytes so I am baffled.


Did you check the VST3 folder (on the same level), please?

Oddly, there is no VST3 folder on that level. I did manage to find this article posted that suggested an alternative way to find the plugins

By using the 1st method, right-clicking Cubase to get package info actually showed me a number of plug-ins. There is a VSTPlugins and VST3 folder in there but the folder wasn’t inclusive of all the VST plugins that I have nor more specifically the plugin I was looking for

Could I possibly have a flawed installation???


What is the path of these VSTPlugins and VST3 folders, please?

Could be aproblem with the installation.

Ok, so I removed Cubase and followed these instructions
to ensure there were no remnants of the program on my system. Rebooted and re-installed from scratch. I now have the following:

Macintosh HD/Users/Mark/Library/Audio/Plug-ins/ has the following sub-directories but nothing in them

MacHD/Library/Audio/Plug-ins/ has these sub-directories and all my plug-ins appear to be there
WPAPI (Waves)

Cubase/Contents/ appears to have all the plug-ins specific to the cubase installation in these directories

So it seems to have been a problem with the installation.

But I’m not 100% certain that the installation is an absolute clean install because some of my custom project templates were still picked up after the install, but probably not a big deal.

I did however note that off of my Audio menu in Cubase there are 2 default plug-in sub menu items.

Audio -> Plug-ins -> Default
-> Default

And the plug-ins listed after the Default item are exactly identical.
Screenshot is attached to post.

Could you affirm if you have the same? If not, I still may be culprit of a dirty installation but I think I’ll just live with it for now unless I see it is affecting my ability to work effectively.

It certainly would be nice if there were a script uninstaller for Mac.



Some (in fact the most) Cubase settings is kept in the:
~Library/Preferences/Cubase X folder.