Plugin Manager bugs (intermittent) in C12.0.52 w/ W10 22H2

Almost everytime I try something new with C12 I hit a bug:

Steps :

  • Opening the Plugin Manager
  • Creating a new empty instruments collection called ‘Favorites’
  • Drag & Drop instruments from the left panel to ‘Favorites’

Bugs triggered:

  • Instrument would NOT be added to Favorites
  • Now switching back to ‘Default’ it would contain at the root the instrument i tried to add twice to the ‘Favorites’ collection
  • Now trying to delete the erroneous instrument addition in Default, it would not let me remove it
    (expected but sad the instrument was redundantly listed now at the root in the manufacturer view)

After wasting again some time resuming to a normal situation, I closed and reopened the plugin Manager few ttimes, deleted my new collection, added it again, then added instruments again and it worked this time…

Sorry i did not shoot a video on it, just need to keep going and get some work done.

EDIT: To be clear, the bug is intermittent and seems to occur rarely.

Hmm, works as expected here. No problems at all.

Please read carefully, it does not happen all the time, obviously this was working after refreshing the dialog.

I did read carefully and followed the steps as you described, trying to reproduce the problem… I just didn’t encounter a problem. If it “doesn’t happen all the time”, that’s of course difficult to test for me.
Have you tried it in safe mode with preferences disabled?

OK Added an edit and clarifaction.

And no, I did not need to use safe mode, as re-opening the dialog once (or more times, don’t remember) fixed the issue. Seems to be again a GUI refresh issue.

PS: Sorry Jan, I am bit frustrated and spent more time reporting bugs than being productive with C12.0.52 recently now that I started to really use it more.