Plugin Manager custom folders dissolved

Cubase 10 Pro just loaded up and all my VSTs are now in default preset folders and my collection/arranged folders all removed.

Nothing new was changed except latest Cubase update 10.0.40

Have hundreds of VSTs including the Steinberg default (though my go-to’s are smaller) and the re-sorting all of these into collection folders again is looking like a nightmare.

Is this a feature? Anyone else experience this?

I don’t often jump on the forum as Cubase works extremely well save when it doesn’t, which is hardly ever.

Most of my VST’s are now in “Other” - this is a major pain in the a**, like data entry after the fact.

Avoid updating?

Are you sure you’re not just looking at the default collection instead of your custom collection?

Not sure if you are on a Mac or PC (which is why we encourage configs in signatures - hint, hint :wink: )

But on a PC in appdata/roaming/steinberg/cubase the file PluginManager.xml keeps your collection data. So if your collections did get mangled you should be able to restore this from a backup to get them back.

The custom collection is gone. Cubase, left with: Default, New, Remove from… Sort by Vendor, Sort by Category.

Raino, will put info in signature, thanks for that - don’t post online much for anything. Running a PC.

Found the “PluginManager.xml” file. Inside it, everything is set to “0” and not sure how one restores it?

Appreciate the reply.

edit: my VSTi tab is sorted and unchanged from the Cubase update

Good chance this is bad news, but you’d need an OS level backup. Then restore the PluginManager.xml file from that backup. Most folks know they should be doing regular backups but it often takes a significant data loss to transition from “should” to “doing” - if this is your case then it is a drag to have to recreate the collections, but at least you’re motivated to start a backup schedule.

Yeah would be great if you could organise your favourites in plugins a bit better

How so? The current scheme is pretty flexible in how you can arrange your plugins. What would you like to be able to do?

Raino, appreciate the insight. Time to brew some coffee and start again with the collection.

Will definitely be backing that up now - do not want this happening again.

Folder management. At the moment I can only see ways of favouriting them. Not categorising them. Unless there’s something I’m missing. ?

triton100, this is what got me started:

I find editing the pluginmanager.xml file more flexible to get the exact customized layout that I need.

Check out this video (not mine btw)

You can create as many folders as you like. You can nest the folders however you want. You can show the same plug-in in multiple folders. Attached is part of the collection I use. The ones at the top, not in any folder, are the go-to plugs I access the most. Below that are folders to sort stuff how I like. Notice the “Dynamics Folder.” Every compressor I own is in that folder (scrolling off the bottom). But it also has a sub-folder called “With Mix Control” where I listed a 2nd time only those compressors that have a mix control so I can find them easily for parallel compression. Notice the UAD elysia compressors are shown in both folders. Further down off-screen all the plugs are in yet another set of folders sorted by manufacturer. So yeah it’s flexible.


I thought it was weird that you couldn’t use folders in plugin management. I guess I overlooked that. Yet again cubase comes up trumps.

raino, that’s a great idea about the go-to’s being at top and out of folder, going to use that!