plugin manager details

I was looking at the plugin manager today. the latency listed there is that ms latency for each plugin? just curious, i never noticed that before. Amazing to see I have numbers going from 0 to 945 :smiley:


Yes, the listed latency is for each plug-in. Btw, in Cubase 10, you can show also the Channel latency, based on the plug-ins inserted in the channel.

aha, so can you quickly direct me to how I check the channel latency? I never really been bothered by plugins with high latency until I slapped on my master chain when it would be uneditable, but most certainly this is interesting to have a look at. I must say I am a bit worried by the latency numbers by one of my favorite plugin maker Soundtoys produce on some of their plugins

2 icon in, top right hand side Mixer window.
Setup Window layout, tick the box for ChannelLatency

Clip below shows both areas, the button at Top RHS
and latency in channels at bottom LHS