Plugin Manager Doesn't Save a new path


Anyone had this problem in cubase 12?

I add in the plugin manager a new path,and when i restart cubase, the new path disappears.

Help :slightly_frowning_face:


Does Cubase save any other custom settings?

Doesn’t Cubase crash (silently) while quit?

No,it doesn’t crash and
path problem
cubase saves only the first 4 path’s and the fifth path (C:/VST Plugins) disappears every time i’m restarting cubase

Is it a Windows 10 or 11 computer by chance? If it is.
Could you try to add a path that has one more sub folder. So like the other folders, one more sub folder from root.
Might be a security thing.

Hi, I have a similar problem, except I wish to remove a path (with 32-bit plugins). It keeps popping back. I use Windows 10. I tried running Cubase as administrator, but it didn’t help.