Plugin Manager - Option to rename plugins

The user Frozenwave made this request 2 years ago for Cubase 8.5, and I’ve decided to request it again.

I bet this situation is very familiar to all of you:

As you can see, the names appear clipped. This guy is using several Fabfilter plugins. However, at first glance, is impossible to know which plugins they are. Annoying, isn’t it?

This feature would allow us to rename our plugins. For example:

  • ‘‘Pro Q2’’ instead ‘‘Fabfilter Pro-Q2’’
  • ‘‘BC Flanger’’ instead ‘‘Blue Cat’s Flanger 3 (Stereo)’’
  • ‘‘VMR’’ instead ‘‘Virtual Mix Rack’’
  • ‘‘Ozone DynEQ’’ instead ‘‘iZotope Ozone 7 Dynamic EQ’’

You all know what I mean :unamused:

Edit: Thanks. It looks like the threads got combined.

This seems like a no brainer for Steinberg to implement this unless there is some technical issue that they aren’t able to figure out.


still nothing from $teinberg…glad they are not the tow truck i called and im waiting for them on the side of the road…

It’s a good idea, but a nicer solution would be for Cubase to display the names in short spaces more efficiently.

djw you can rename the vst2 plugins but you cant rename vst3 plugins unless you hack the .vst3 file with a Hex editor. I do not call that elegant.

Cubase should do both. Make it easier to name vst3 plugins without hacking them and also display names in short spaces more efficiently. Both.

you still think they care about the customers ?

You think your reply is constructive in any way?


Maybe for Cubase 10?

Rename is probably not the right thing to do. But a visible alias might be. And it might even be a list, so that you can have
your favourite in different places. Aliases might also have an argument for a preset. So the same plugin can have direct access. Would be very useful for vsti’s like kontakt, or reverbs.


I agree! It wouldn’t hurt to be able to do both though.

+1 for rename
+1 for tags

A feature very useful for good organization. Please add this option.

Please fix this today! THANKS.


+1 Bump

Actually most of Daws can do this already… plugins can be renamed (Per project)

+1 for rename the slot in the mixer