Plugin Manager - Option to rename plugins

An old request and useful feature, still not implemented.

I was hoping this was gonna finally be there as well.

I thought you were ‘finally listening’ $teinberg??? Still not implemented???

Business as usual it seems sigh

I am surprised they didn’t include this, along with features to manually override plugin version numbers (for compatibility).
Also the option to edit ‘tag’ words would be invaluable (for plugin search).

+1 this would be very helpful, especially when the mixer is narrow!

I totally agree. I tried to do this yesterday, and had the same thoughts. It would be such an easy feature… please?


I will never stop asking for this feature. FabFilter Pro Madness is driving me insane.

Yes fabfilter are one of the worse culprits. But any time you have a thin channel insert window its just a nightmare …a guessing game to choose which plugin slot to click on, like Russian Roulette. The names are useless because companies start the plugin name with their company name first. Its just madness. Do $teinberg not see this frustration and kill of creativity? Maybe they don’t because they only ever use their stock plugins for demonstration???



Thats exactly why i came here… Just upgraded to cubase 9 pro from cubase 6.5 and i cant change the name of the plugins and its driving me crazy. Fabfilter is the worst so far, the slate stuff is just a little aggravating.



I’ve been going crazy with Vienna Suite Pro plugins, which are all named “Vienna [*] Pro” and show up in the mixer identically as “Vienna …ro” (at my usual zoom setting). At very least, if we can’t rename plugins, Cubase needs to do a better job with the abbreviations. Logic Pro is a little bit better at this.


+1 yes, please.

Some plugin names are so long and become a mush with the shorting algos used.




Yes please add!

[View my VST Plug-in List in the attachment]

While you’re at it, please also add possibility for VST plug-in comments and ratings!!!

I have created a list of my 170 plugins (in excel) for myself, each with thumbnail, comments, rating, usage quick tips to remind me of plugin specifics or what best they are used for / or sound good on or what I need to pay attention to. I also added links to tutorials and youtube videos. Would be great to have the possibility to add this right within Cubase, in a database. I didnt just copy and paste the info, but really dug deep into forums to get other user experiences and compiled all that information into one list.

It would also be nice, to be able to share that information through Cubase in a public cloud space, so other users can profit / benefit from comments, usage specifics, evaluations, ratings and experiences of other users.

It would definetly make Cubase that much more attractive.

PS: I have added a representative images of what my list looks like now. It has been an incredible amount of work compiling it, but benefits me greatly in my workflow (170 entries as of now). Just to give you an idea, how powerful and usefull a database driven VST Plugin Manager could be.