Plugin Manager uses wrong path

I recently upgraded to C9, which seems to have gone fairly well. But there are some interesting glitches.

I loaded my “practice project”, which is used for practicing both performance and technology. It was created under Cubase 8, updated in Cubase 8.5, now saved as Cubase 9. It serves as a good test after system changes.

Missing sounds/license.

C9 loads, and this error appears concerning the GA 4 ECO content set 2:
GA license error.png
This is followed by a search dialog, which I don’t know how to respond to:

Perhaps it’s because I nave only Groove Agent SE, and the content set (which seemed to be part of the C9 upgrade) doesn’t apply to such a lowly level of Groove Agent ownership. I don’t know. Others have posted about similar issues in the Groove Agent forum.

And the issue goes away when I enable a track…

So, if I enable the track that has Bass Station on it (a free plugin from Novation that came with my keyboard) I get this error when starting Cubase:

Novation admits that their automap technology doesn’t yet work with C9. And yet my keyboard controller works for playing notes and pitch/mod wheel. (But not for transport controls. And I doubt quick controls work as well). Perhaps there’s a connection?

What’s really odd is that the groove agent error is gone. Is there still a problem (going unreported) or is the problem gone?

Plugin Manager gets weird
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Plugin Manager gets weird

It starts like this.
You can see that Bass Station isn’t on the list, but the (3rd party) XLN plugin is there (and works). The inspector shows a destination routing error, as you might expect.

So, all we need to do is search for the missing plugin, along the expected path, which appears to work:

It gets added, but on the wrong path, and with the wrong vendor:

And yet, it can be made to work

The correct path is C:\Program Files (x86)\VSTPlugins. Upon adding this path to the list for plugin manager to scan, everything works out fine. The VSTi works. So what was happening before? Why not a complete and obvious failure?

The correct path is C:\Program Files (x86)\VSTPlugins

This is the 32bit Program Files Folder and as Cubase will not work with 32bit plugs they removed this from the default paths.
You may be better off moving any 64bit plugs to the correct folder C:\Program Files\VSTPlugins and removing the x86 folder from scan.

Thanks. It’s actually a 64-bit plugin.

Curiously, I’m not getting my original Groove Agent error message anymore!

I realise it’s a 64bit plug, but you have installed it to a 32bit folder which is why it wasn’t found.

I’m still curious about why the GA error disappeared. The only thing in that dubious folder are the 4 Bass Station dlls (2 mono, 2 stereo; 2 32-bit, 2 64-bit). And it disappeared before I added the dubious folder. Superficially, the disappearing error looks like a side-effect of the Bass Station problem, but that doesn’t make any sense.

I would say the GA error is unconnected.

Have you confirmed you have Groove Agent content available? As long as you see the presets and can load them I think you are good to go.

Yeah, it looks like production grooves is working. I know that wasn’t in C8.5