Plugin Memory when Rendering

Is there a way to keep clip plugins from loading into computer memory when a montage is opened? It could be done in Wavelab 6 by pressing ctrl-alt-shift when opening the montage, which always opened to the Edit tab and didn’t load the plugins. Then files could be rendered from the montage without doubling the memory used.

I can’t find a way to do this in Wavelab 8 because the plugins always load on montage open, and then double for the render. In a montage with many memory intensive plugins it makes a big difference. The only way I could find around it is to Batch the montage, but that’s not going to be practical for me.

The worst case is something like the 6 plug Izotope Ozone, which seems to use about 350-400 MB per instance. It’s not really practical to use many instances, but doubling memory load for a render makes things that much worse, when it could be done without doubling in Wavelab 6.

I’ve tried changing every preference without change. Is there a hidden system pref that could be modified, or an unknown key sequence? If not is this something that could be added as an option in the next version of Wavelab (“don’t load plugins on montage open”)?

Well, if plugins are not loaded, you can’t play the montage. So what is your end purpose?

I’ve already played the montage, and closed it to free the memory. The purpose of re-open is to render the montage without using double the plugin memory needed. That’s what I used to do with Wavelab 6, which I had to do to accommodate large projects using a limited amount of TC PowerCore hardware, and now in some cases need to do with plugins using only the computer memory.

I must say I don’t remember this WaveLab 6 option :wink:

I will have to see.
What amount of RAM are you using? Are you using WaveLab 64 bit?

Thanks PG. It wasn’t really an option in Wavelab 6, but something I discovered. If the montage opened to any tab besides the Effects tab, the Clip plugins wouldn’t pre-load. The key combination I’ve only just come across by trying different key combinations. But when I was doing this back in Wavelab 6, when I was done auditioning I would just switch the montage to a tab other then the effects tab, close the montage, re-open the montage and the plugins wouldn’t pre-load. They would only pre-load if the montage was closed with the effects tab foremost.

I’m just transitioning one computer to Wavelab 64 bit. Currently with 6GB RAM, but going to be adding more.

If someone wanted to use Ozone as clip plugin on 12 clips in a montage, that would require possibly 4-5 GB of free RAM just to go into Play. If you then try to render that montage, memory use increases considerably on top of that (I’m still not sure how much because I’m not sure if it’s different if you render “whole montage/one big file”, or Regions/Tracks). But I’ll find out over the weekend. Ozone uses a ridiculous amount of memory imo, but I have many montages with that many plugins (6 per clip, granted using much less memory), but if the Izotope plugins are to be used as the others were, much more memory and more memory options would be needed.

If the unnecessary initial 4-5 GB memory could be released before the render (as in Wavelab 6), it would make for many more options. And not for just 12 clips on one track: I often have multiple tracks in a montage, all with clip plugins.

If someone wanted to use Ozone as clip plugin on 12 clips in a montage, that would require possibly 4-5 GB of free RAM just to go into Play.

I would be surprised about this. I think they must share some memory among the plugin instances.
Using so much RAM for a plugin does not make sense anyway.

Looking forward to Wavelab automation… wouldn’t it be nice to just load one instance of Ozone into the Master Section, and then just automate Ozone to change settings in between clips so it can be set uniquely per-song with only one single instance? :slight_smile:

I agree, but we really should also be able to release unecessary memory before a render if we choose to use multiple instances. It always worked for me without problem in Wavelab 6, and was the only way I could do those large projects.

The only change It would require is the ability to open montages without pre-loading plugins, as you could do in Wavelab 6.