Plugin menus in inserts sticking, anyone else?

Hey guys I noticed the plugin menus stick once a preset is chosen, kinda hangs in the background of the plugin until the plugin is closed then re-opened again. Its nothing big, its little, I was wondering if that’s happnening to anyone else.

I noticed the patch menu for midi tracks also gets stuck when choosing patches. Again anyone else have these glitches?


Yes I have had a white box appear on the screen which will not go away, several times this had happened, but I didn’t take a note of what it was and today I can’t duplicate it. Once in the inspector though and the rest elsewhere
Need to shut down and start again to clear it.

poss. workaround: When the item you can’t get rid of appears again try hitting control/command-w (or whatever your close command is) and see if it doesn’t go away.

I should probably clarify, its the drop down menus within the plugins themselves, not the vst preset menu. This happens while the mix window is open and I’m choosing a preset within the plugin. This is any plugin, its not plugin specific. After you’ve chosen a preset the menu hangs in the background behind the plugin, until the plugin is closed.

Yes this happens alot, with the Drop down menus, also when marking “Time Sigunature’s” on the Sigunature Track, they seem to float across the screen as the track plays thru. And you can’t delete them, I’ve had to actually Close Cubase 7 m and reopen it to remove it from the screen.
Not good, I thought it was just me on this folks. :nerd:

I’ve come across this a few times on my Mac systems. It can take a bit of finagling to get rid of it without having to shut down C7, but it can be done. If I can remember what I did, I’ll post steps. It’s more than one thing. Shift/CMD/W won’t do it because once this “ghost” appears, it’s no longer a focused menu. You won’t find it listed in the Windows menu.

Well if I know other people are experiencing this then I’ll go post it in the “Collected Issues” section of the Cubase forum.

I included a screen shot so you guys know what I’m talking about, for some reason the plugin itself doesn’t show up in the screen shot but the hanging menu problem I’m talking about does.

Screen shot two is the same plugin, I just opened the drop down menu, closed it, moved the plugin over on the screen, opened the drop down menu, moved it over again, opened the drop down menu, etc…
Cubase 2.JPG