Plugin meter (gr reduction) reset

I wonder if there is a way to make the meters within plugins reset as soon as you change a parameter…? Would save time mousing over and clicking on the number each time you make a little adjustment. Especially find I’m doing this a lot in Compressor as I adjust threshold I need to move over and click the gr number and back and forth.
Been through preferences, user manual, global meter settings. Maybe there a way to use a keyboard shortcut? I’ve been through the list but can find nothing this specific.
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Spacebar stop/play

I wonder if there is a setting then because this has no effect on GR reset, nor does changing threshold, which would be best so I wouldn’t need to stop start to get a level set.
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What is it exactly what you want? Meters reset on start stop, if you talk about something else you need to be more clear?

Well… it’s in my title and then I specifically mention needing to scroll over the GR number in order to reset it. I actually thought that I was being pretty clear.
In the new compressor, there is a handy GR number at the top between the input and output meters on top of the the reduction meter that indicates the maximum amount of gain reduction. It holds until I click it to reset. I’m hoping to find a way to have it reset every time I adjust threshold.