!!!plugin name!!! Issue

Hey guys,

So I have recently moved from mac to windows and installed every single plugin that I had on mac on my windows system as well. I made sure that they are the same version and same file format, for example if I had a vst2 version of a certain plugin on mac, I installed the same type on windows as well. Now I have transferred my projects from mac to windows and some of the plugins on the insert won’t load. The mixer shows them like this: !!!plugin name!!!

I am pretty sure that the plugin is installed and not blacklisted. I can even add the plugin separately but when I open the projects, many things won’t load as they should.

Any ideas on how to fix this issue?


If it’s installed correctly and not blacklisted, then it’s probably a shortcoming of that plugin. You’ll have to contact the plugin maker to see if they support transferring projects across platforms. Not all do.

It could be that you didn’t have the vst3 version installed on the Mac, and installed both vst2 and vst3 versions on the PC.
Cubase would pick the vst3 version over the vst2, and not recognizing it as the same plugin.

I have this with just old projects for some plugins. I just tend to load the vst and then aim the track at it