plugin names in mixer

hi all,

i’m just trying out C10 Pro after using 8.5 for several years. in C8.5 the plugin name in the mixer would be displayed as the literal filename of the dll. i renamed several dlls so they would appear as i wanted in the mixer. in C10, the plugins are named as their “true” name ie doesn’t follow and dll name changes. is there any way to change that? a setting somewhere i have missed?

edit: after further investigation, it does follow name changes to the DLL but doesn’t respect spaces at the beginning of file names. i have named several plugins with spaces at the beginnign of their filename so they appear central in the mixer slots. this doesn’t work in C10 unfortunately.


I noticed some changes in C10 since C9.5, like if your dll is in the vst root it will move into “other” if I understood it correctly. I hope it is a move to make plugins more stable towards cubase as I was searching for some plugins and had to use the search field to find them