Plugin parameter automation lane preset

Does anybody know of a way to create a key command/macro to open a specific parameter in an automation lane?

For example:
I have Valhalla Room loaded on a track. I press a key command and an automation track for ‘decay’ opens in the arranger window.
At the moment I’m going into the plugin, opening it in the generic editor view, then right-clicking on decay and selecting ‘Show ‘Delay’ Automation Track’. This is a little tedious…

Any suggestions? Am I missing something?

I think you’ll want a Project Logic Editor for this.

Try something along these lines:

Of course you’ll need the track/lane name to be spelled (case sensitive) correctly so double check that. There’s more you can do of course to help narrow selections and pin point specific lanes. I.E. You could put in enough booleen entries so it only selects decay events inside a track/folder that also has the text pattern dec in the track name, and so forth.

Note, with the Logic above you’ll probably need to set up the lane manually first and drop an event in it, and you might need some macros to unfold various track lanes first, but from there you could use a key combo to quickly locate and select all the ‘decay’ automation events in your project. I’m not positive on the need for an event in a lane first, so experiment and try some things. The example is just to kind of get you started.

It’s probably possible to build a macro that will automate the process of setting up a decay lane for a track. Personally, I’d have to sit here and play with it for a while to figure out how to build such a macro, but I’m pretty sure it ‘can’ be done.

Once you’ve built Logic Editors you can assign key commands to them, or even string a number of them together in a sequence as a ‘macro’.

before i pass out:

the way i do it is:

-enable the “red W” (for write automation) on the plugin
-touch the button or knob or whatever on the plugin
-deactivate the “W”
-open an automation lane -> the top entry is the parameter i touched (with a *)