Plugin parameter change by mousewheel on secondary display

OS: win11
CUB: 12+13 pro

hi guys!

changing parameters by mousewheel works fine on my internal notebook display. when i move a plugin to the external secondary display (HDMi), it just doesn’t work for every plugin. steinberg plugs work fine, as some others do. as there are several plugins showing the same behaviour, i was thinking it might be cubase related.

what i already tried:

  • HIDPI on/off doesn’t fix the prob.
  • reopening the plugin on secondary display doesn’t fix the problem. as soon as the plugin is moved back to the primary display, changing plugin parameters with the mousewheel works.

any ideas?

thx, campO

Hi and welcome to the forum,

As it is working for Steinberg plug-ins and some other vendors plug-ins, I would guess, the problem is more on the side of plug-ins, where it doesn’t work.

hey martin,

thanks for jumping in! i am aware that it’s not necessarily a faulty cubase behaviour, not even sure if it’s a faulty behaviour at all, or if there are possibilities to zero in and tweak some XML stuff in order to make all plugins work the way i want them to.

there prolly are many musicians around here,
- so let’s get creative! シ