plugin preset bug or feature?

There is one thing that is bugging me quite some time which could be a feature that could be turned off, but it could also be a bug. (wavelab 7.10 on PC win7 32bit)

Let’s say i have a 5 plugins in line, something like this: psp neon EQ > de-esser > external gear >ozone > pro-l
Then i open another preset with let’s say this line of 4 plugins: pro-q EQ > external gear > ozone > pro-l
What i get when i open that preset after is this: pro-q EQ > external gear > ozone > pro-l > pro-l
So basically, it opens the preset the way it should but it adds another pro-l as the last plugin, the one that was number 5 in line, but now i only need 4, not the last pro-l.

Am i missing something here? :confused:

When you load a plugin preset a dialog opens before the plugins are loaded. Here you can select if previous plugins should be replaced completely or if the new ones should only be added. Are you sure you have checked the correct fields in this dialog?

It is set to load/reset master plugins, the way it should.
This way it should reset masterplugins and dither settings when opening a preset, but it doesn’t.

I can’t reproduce this problem with 7.2.1.


Too bad, I can with 7.1, every time I do this exact same thing as described.
I’m not going to upgrade to 7.2.1 because audio, using external gear is not working the way it should.

Well, at least we know it’s neither a bug nor a feature…

All i know is that it is not supposed to do that and it’s quite annoying and 100% reproducible.

No, we also know that it’s 0% reproducible on the current WL version. May not help you much, but it’s still the case.

Whilst I have never experienced your issue exactly I can say that the Sonnox Fraunhofer Pro Codec can exhibit some weirdness on my XP system if … once it’s loaded … it is loaded again but with a different preset.

The workaround is to save a preset ‘no insert’ … a preset with no inserts obviously … and load that ‘between’ the two desired presets.

Then load the desired new preset.

Works 100% of the time.

I strongly suspect this is something to do with the plugin … maybe a dongle call issue or something like that … rather than WL. It only begin to emerge as an issue after a version update.

Good luck.

Hope this helps.