Plugin Preset List is empty

Hi Everyone,

I have amp sim Mercuriall Spark plugin. and I want to copy its presets I made on one system to other system.
but other system keep show empty preset list.

here is what I tried:

  1. convert program list to vst presets (*.vstpreset files where created).
  2. then I copy all *.vstpreset in “C:\Users\User\Documents\VST3 Presets\Mercuriall\Spark” from one system to other system.

Help please
Thanks in advance


Please get in contact with the plug-in vendor to ask, where are the presets stored.

Martin.Jirsak Great idea Thanks for your reply )

Martin, is there documentation on how the Cubase preset lists work? It seems an odd magic-like scenario, as in, presets seem to either appear or not, depending on the plugin.

And How to locate presets of a given plugin, and how to browse for presets? I see no way to do so.


in my case the issue was fixed after following plugin developer recommendation.
“If you have both versions of VST and VST3 installed, then Cubase can only display VST3. Make sure that only the VST version is installed on the computer.”

so I basically deleted the Spark.vst3 file in the directory c: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ VST3 \

it was really not so obvious to me, so I agree 100% that make preset work sometimes could be an odd magic-like scenario.


So it means, you are forced to use an older VST2.x plug-in standard instead of the latest VST3. So you can miss some features, which are available in VST3 version only. :-/

unfortunately that’s the only way to benefit of pre made presets.

What about only having the VST3 version installed? I often only install the VST3.

Further, how could Steinberg, who creates the VST standards, not implement the latest standard in Cubase so that presets work?

This is mind boggling.

I’ve tried that but with no result. it works with vst only


In general, the presets work in VST3. It’s just not implemented in the plug-in.