plugin routing: dual mono

would be great if the (new to Nuendo 5) plugin routing menu (top right of plugin GUI) had a “dual mono” selection (when on stereo tracks) so you could instantiate any compressor as a 2 channel compressor with discrete side chains.


You can sort of do that

open 2 mono compressors
set them both to mono
use the routing to put them on left/right

yeah, i know… but wouldn’t it be easier if I could just select “dual mono” from the routing menu?

If the plug in had two independent side chain inputs then yes, but I don’t know of one that does.

THats my point… the “dual mono” would instantiate two mono plugs one on each side… just like instantiating to mono plugins yourself one after the other and setting the routing to L and R.

This way you don’t have to have a plugin with side chaining functionality, any plug would be able to do this.

I’d like to see ALL VST3 plugins with a multi-0mono option for surround use.
Been asking for this since VST3 was introduced now.

Yes this would make sense, although as stated you can do this manually… the limitation being the number of inserts verses the number of surround channels.

Multimono +1

I’d also love to see this function.

multimono +1

Yes Dual Mono just like in Pro Tools would be a really nice bonus for proper stereo positioning while adding huge reverbs. I was hoping the three (!) different flavors of waves plugins (mono, mono->stereo, stereo) would provide such an option but it seems to “mix” everything as soon you select any of the stereo options.

I would also like dual mono inserts for Cubase.