Plugin sentinel

Hi All,
Doe the plugin sentinel bug anyone else as much as it bugs me?
I have a lot of 3rd party plugins. Some of them give me options during install to exclude 32-bit and/or VST 2, AAX etc.
Most don’t give all the options. So I end up with pages of blacklisted plugins that just get in the way when I have a genuine issue, especially when the plugin name varies from the marketing name.
Some I expect I’ll be able to just delete and they’ll stop appearing, job done. I recently tried this with iZotope and am now reinstalling them all because of all the errors it generated. And I will still have the 32-bit versions as the installers only allow you to exclude VST 2.
So how do you know which ones you can delete? As its never on the feature list of a plugin because it sounds like bad software design. In some cases that’s because it is.
So my question is why does Steinberg bother to give us this functionality when we can’t do anything about the results… grrrr!
Perhaps a simple acknowledge each blacklisted plugin and hide would do the trick? Or some way of filtering and grouping them could be useful too, especially to find those that you would expect to be working properly i.e. 64-bit VST 3’s.

Pete McF

I’m having an issue with Izotope plug-ins on the blacklist as well, but it’s the 64 bit ones that are on the blacklist.

Could it be 64-bit VST 2?
If so uninstalling and reinstalling while deselecting VST should sort it for you.
You will still have the 32-bit VST 3’s there though unless you’ve found a way to suppress them?.