Plugin stuck and freezed in control room main insert.

Hi. After updating Cubase from 9 -> 9.5 I’m experiencing this.

I have IK ARC 2 in my control room main insert slot 2 and now it doesn’t react to anything. Cannot drag to a different slot, cannot open the plugin edit, cannot activate/deactivate… Fortunately it is deactivated.

I have tried to reset the control room settings and make new settings but it is still stuck in there…

I can put another instance of ARC to a different slot so this is not affecting my work. Just now I cannot do a clean install of Cubase which would surely fix the problem.

Just curious have anyone had similar issue?


Is your ARC plug-in up to date, please?

Btw, Mac/Windows?

Yes. It’s the v.2.5.
No updates from IK since the release, from over a year ago though…


Is it VST3 or VST2 plug-in? It would be interesting, if you would start Cubase in Safe Start Mode, if the plug-in would pass the extended plug-in test.

It’s VST version 2.4.
I should point out that It has been in my CR insert in every project for over a year and no problems before this.

Made a clean windows & cubase installation today (was well overdue anyway) so no problem anymore.
Tested with Safestartmode and got no notifications. Will remain a mystery I guess.


I’m glad it works to you, now.

I just had this exact problem.

Here is an easy solution for anyone in the future.

Remove the ARC 2.vst from the VST folder.
Open the project in Cubase.
The !!!ARC 2!!! slot is now accessible to remove the plug in.
Save the project.
Replace the vst into the plugins folder
Open the Project in Cubase and reinsert ARC 2.